Mr Scopes - ZBrush and Modo character/creature design.
The Fury (Mk2) - ZBrush, Modo, Photoshop.
ThingWithaNoseLikesSnake - ZBrush, Modo and Vue creature design.
Rocket Girlie - Lightwave and Photoshop.
Sisters (team red) - Video game character design. Zbrush, Vue and Modo.
Vermix - Zbrush and Modo creature design.
Cyclops - ZBrush, Modo, and Photoshop creature design.
Battlesuit (team red) - ZBrush and Modo computer game character design.
Blue - ZBrush and Modo.
Green - ZBrush and Modo.
Pink - ZBrush and Modo.
Tube - ZBrush and Modo character/creature concept.
Brat - ZBrush and Modo.
Kzin - ZBrush and Modo character design.
Centaur - ZBrush, Modo and Vue character/creature design.
Hexaped - Zbrush and Modo creature/character design.
Black - ZBrush, Modo, Photoshop.
Vampire - ZBrush, Modo, Photoshop.
Bob - Zbush and Modo character design.
Coeurl - Zbrush, Modo and Vue creature concept.
Tank (team red) - Zbrush and Modo computer game character design.
Polyp - Zbrush and Modo creature concept.
Character Design
Rory McLeish
2D & 3D Creature and Vehicle Concept Design Harrogate, United Kingdom