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Silver Temples - The Cham empire in Vietnam - These Cham temples date from the 11th and 12th century AD and were spaced up and down the coast of Vietnam in line of sight so signal fires could pass messages from one temple to the next. The Chams were the dominant force in Vietnam at that time.
Dynadome in Yucca, Arizona - Originally built by dome innovator Billy Woods as a sales office for a land sales scheme in Yucca, Arizona. The construction phase of this project was far more interesting than its conversion as a private residence for a UFO memorabilia collector.

Copyright Roger Hawkins
Dynadome - Yucca, Arizona - The fiberglass coated plywood dome has survived surprisingly well under forty years of harsh desert sun, but skinned and painted gray it lacks the interest of the original construction photo. Note the UFO memorabilia salted around the site.

This structure was featured in Stewart Brand's book "How buildings learn."
Inn of the Mountain Gods, Ruidoso, New Mexico - Infrared film images scenes with the long wavelengths justbeyond the visible spectrum. The long waves cut through atmospheric haze rendering the sky almost black and are fully reflected by organic material rendering plant life white. Without atmospheric haze distant objects look close making the scene look like a model.

Shot on 4x5 infrared film.

Photo Copyright Roger Hawkins 1982.
Inn of The Mountain Gods - This is an odd experiment. A tree in the middle of the composition is not a good idea unless you are splicing two 4x5 negatives together through the shadow side of the tree. Of course this is pre-digital. Now I could electronically stitch a hundred images together into a perfect gigapixel hi res monster without compromising the composition.
Tumacacori Mission in Tubac, Arizona - This is the road less traveled. I originally stepped into this adobe out building at Tumacacori Mission to get out of the 110 degree heat, but my eye was immediately attracted to a hole in the wall framing the mission dome.

Photo Copyright Roger Hawkins 2002
Mortuarium at Tumacacori Mission - The cemetery and mortuarium at Tumacacori Mission in Tubac, Arizona reveal the beauty of controlled decay.
Abandoned Buddhist Temple near AnKhe , Vietnam - Do the VC shoot architectural photographers? On this day no.

Photo copyright Roger Hawkins 1968
Mesa Arts Center Panorama
Mesa Arts Center - Good architecture is more than a box hiding behind a facade. Every view should have meaning, form and interest. The Mesa Arts Center evolves through a long series of visual and tactile experiences.
Mesa Arts Center - Red glass panels, green trees, and cactus shadows create a magic light show that varies through the day and is supplemented by artificial light through the night.

Photo Copyright Roger Hawkins 2009
Excaliber Vegas - This photo captures some the subtleties of not so subtle Vegas through the use of HDR (high dynamic range) photography. Multiple exposures optimized for each part of the scene are merged into one image that displays more highlight and shadow detail than normally seen in a digital image.

Photo copyright Roger Hawkins 2008
Sunset House - Ahwatukee - Photography is about composition and lighting. This house is above the golf course near my house but I always walk the dog after sunset, except for this one day. Shot made with a digital 300mm lens (equivalent to 450mm on film).
Photo Copyright Roger Hawkins 2010
San Diego County Juvenile Probation Center - Project photography done for Boyle Engineers and Architects included projects from San Diego to Florida.
Hotel Alcanancia - The Hotel Alcanancia is a charming venue on the shores of Lake Negratin, Spain. It provides a perfect romantic getaway with stunning views of the lake and Mt. Jabalcon.
Cortijo La Tala - La Tala is a combination of country farm house and cave dwelling resort just outside Guadix, Spain. The proprietor, Ramon Lachica is a charming host.
Palacio de Carlos V - Inside the palace of Spain's King Carlos V at the Alhambra.
Stepped Terrace - Stepped retaining wall in front of the Hotel Alcanancia at Lago Negratine, Spain.
Alhambra Gardens - The Alhambra commands a hillside overlooking Granada, Spain. It is the most visited landmark in all of Europe with its rich combination of Arab and Spanish culture.
La Roca fixtures - La Roca of Spain is a leading manufacturer of modern, well designed bath and kitchen fixtures.
Dining at Alcanancia - Dining room at the Alcanancia, Lake Negratin Spain.
Biosphere 2 - Photo Copyright Roger Hawkins 2011

Peter Gary, Industrial Design Professor at King Monkut's University Thonburi Thailand visits Biosphere2 in Oracle, Arizona to study the effect of rapidly changing environment and diminishing energy resources on the design process.
Soleri's Arcosanti - Forty-plus years ago I sat in a classroom at Carnegie Mellon University and listened to Soleri explain his vision of the future.
Arcosanti stitched panorama - Photo Copyright Roger Hawkins 2011

Detail of Arcosanti from across the wash. This is a 10 exposure 2 level panorama. Taken with a 500mm lens, th large version of this is 150 megapixels. The camera was subject to high frequency vibration set up by a mild breeze inspite of being set up on a rock-steady Manfrotto tripod weighted with bottles. With a lens this long sand bagging the lens on a heavy support is needed to damp or eliminate camera movement. The shutter was tripped via infrared remote.
Master bath redesign - Design and photography Copyright Roger Hawkins 2011
Design and build project during construction phase.
Beach hotel Pattaya, Thailand - Near unlimited resolution for architectural photos is achieved with tools like the GigaPan robotic camera head or Microsofts ICE (Image Composite Editor). This iamge is the result of compositing 3-5 individual 20 MB images.
Temples of SE Asia - A Thai recreation of Cambodia's Angkor Wat backed with actual photo of Cambodian jungle.
Phoenix Golf Course, Pattaya, Thailand - The Phoenix Golf Course, Pattaya, Thailand on the 8th fairway at sunset
The royal palace of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand - Symbols of royalty at the palace of King Bhumibol (Rama IX ), of Thailand.
Mission San Xavier Del Bac on the lands of the Tohono O'Odham people south of Tucson, Arizona
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