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Band of Shooters - This piece was designed as a parody of artwork designed for the TV mini series "Band of Brothers." Shooter is a trade term for photo journalists (especially combat photographers) who would see themselves as a "Band of Brothers" because they too share the danger of combat.
Sioux Nation - Montage on a 1st Nations Theme
Operation Plumb Bob - An experiment in the art of collage, I started with the rather creepy photo of testing of what a small nuclear device would do to a Navy blimp many miles away.To this I added a plumb bob, my grandfather's pocket watch, dirigible plans and a censured stamp. Whats it mean? I don't know. What does it project psychologically? Creepiness and fear.

Derived image is copyright Roger Hawkins 2009
Grandfather - Lower left is my grandfather. Upper right is his travel pass for the entire railroad. These are mixed with the undercarriage of a locomotive and the plans for a coal fired boiler. Known to all as JBA he was one of the few people I know with two middle names. J for James, B for Burke, and a for Alkmaar which is a little town in Holland.

Derivative work copyright Roger Hawkins 2009
DC-3 at Angel Falls in Venezuela - Not really, just a landscape building test in which I got carried away.
Roswell a La Tala - Montage Copyright Roger Hawkins

The strange night flight in the space/time continuum between Roswell and Guadix
Coyote Country - Four photo montage shot near home.
This started out as an experiment in 3D data capture. But the results looked like they had the potential to become a digital painting and so I kept going.
Poster for the 2015 Washington DC Reunion of Combat Photographers from the US Army's 221st Signal Company (Pictorial). Photograph by Specialist Gene Flynn. Digital remix and poster design by Capt. Roger Hawkins.
Bailarin folklorico en Tumacacori mission cerca Tubac, Arizona
Spanish door
A photo illustration done for the Flamenco duo of Chris and Lena Jacome (www.CBJFLAMENCO.com). Foreground photo by Erika Gronek and background photo and photo composition by Roger Hawkins. The photos were taken during a summer outdoor performance at azhopsandvines.com in Sonoita, AZ.
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Illustrative Montage

A photo illustration of a door that I recently designed and installed. This reminds me of Goya's painting style.

Roger Hawkins
Imagineer Sonoita, AZ