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Port Authority Transit system - Senior thesis in industrial design at Carnegie Mellon University by Peter Gary and Roger Hawkins.
Transit car model with photoshopped retouching - Designed and modeled by Roger Hawkins and Peter Gary
Transit Seating Module - Fore and aft seating module for Pittsburgh Port Authority Transit system. Designers Roger Hawkins and Peter Gary.
Carnegie Mellon - Motion Studies Lab - Motion studies revealed two interesting observations about the seating process. Hands and elbows were the most erratic lines and this could indicate they function to provide fine corrections to overall balance. Secondlyacurve can bedrawn through all initial points and the end points of the shoulders and head indicting a person can be seated in a tight curved space like a fuselage and still stand without hitting their head on the lower points of a curved ceiling.
Aerodynamic/hydrodynamic flow of people. - It is dangerous to compare people traffic to aerodynamics, but on a simple level there are similarities. Seated passengers can be rapidly evacuated through the row of doors next to every aisle. Entering passengers do not interact with exiting passengers. Which seats will become vacant is not predictable so only two large entry doors are used.
Render is not to scale. See model for detailed configuration.
Proposed transit system shade structure - Proposed shade structure with solar lighting and planter/watering system for supplemental natural shade.
Convertible photographers monopod/cane
National Advanced Systems - money clip award - A money clip awarded to outstanding sales achievements in large computer systems.
Modular exhibit booth for Apothetech pharmacy systems - Side by side units for large trade shows and single unit for small shows.
Photo of completed booth module - Modular booth elements fold into each other like a set of Russian dolls. Not unlike the IKEA concept of making all designs fold into flat, dense shipping packages.
Designer upgrade pantry door - Preliminary SketchUp concept work. Actual construction/install follows.
Interior design with custom door. - Built as an upgrade/replacement door for developer's pressed fiberboard doors. All interior redesign by Roger Hawkins.
Custom mahogany settle - Construction drawing/virtual model for a mahogany settle
Furniture and interior design - Solid mahogany settle folds flat after removal of hand carved wooden pins. Oak coffee table and custom tile work also done by this designer.
Hitachi mainframe computer - Hand rendered concept of Hitachi Data Systems computer installation.
Dreams of World Domination - I did work in the Pentagon once, but this is the closest I have come to world domination - a world map made out of Legos (TM) for a corporate presentation. In fact, the whole presentation was made from Legos (TM) and turned into slides. Look at my hair, this was the pre Powerpoint era and almost the pre PC era.
Packaging Design - Packaging to sell bling accessories for iPod ear buds.
Spanish colonial door - Door made from furniture grade oak plywood.
Spanish colonial door - brass inset - Photo of my Spanish colonial door prior to hanging.
Clinical photo studio - Surgeon wanted a state-of-the-art photo studio in which to document before and after patient conditions and results. Space was limited. Solutions centered around tile floors to position camera stand, radio remotes to trigger lighting, light grid and ceiling mounted wiring to facilitate doctor and patient interaction, dark wall for skin tone isolation, light walls, floor, and ceiling for soft reflected light, column-mounted accessory tray, and a pocket door to maximize the use of existing space.
26 Blocks - Design of staging and connector systems for an art show called "26 Blocks." The theme of the show is a day in the life of 26 blocks of central Phoenix, Arizona.
26 Blocks Installation - Design of staging for the 26 Blocks art exhibit at the CityScape complex in central Phoenix, Arizona.
Tile wall mounting system - detail 1 - Schematic model of an accessory mounting system for a floating tile wall. The return on each clip is half the height of the gap between tiles. Clips are inserted between tiles and then aligned.

See next example.
Vacuform parts for presentation model - Copyright Roger Hawkins 2011
Preliminary work for the design of a vacuform die to be used by the builder of presentation models of 18 wheelers.
Magnetic drawing and painting surface - This is an IKEA hack. I use magnets on an IKEA magnet board to hold and flatten art while drawing and painting. You can even hold stencils and masks in place for air brushing techniques. The round steel board is ideal for aligning the art to the angle of your pencil stroke or direction of tool travel. As is, the metal disk will float off an angled drawing board, but I solved the problem with self stick furniture pads on the back.
Master bath redesign - Design, construction, photography. Master batch redesign in Ahwatukee, Arizona.
A tree stump used as a base for an IKEA Tulpan lamp. The organic shape merged with the quasi organic shape.
Custom weavers loom designed from aluminum and walnut by Peter Gary and Roger Hawkins during design team projects at Carnegie Mellon University.
Concept render for kitchen island.
Kitchen Island for a remodel project.
Interior design of private residence in Sonoita, Arizona.

This door was inspired by a visit to the Alhambra, a Moorish castle in Granada, Spain. Steeped in the soul of Andalucia, it is said that simply looking at the door can cause you to hear the exotic strains of flamenco and sweep a woman off her feet as if you were Antonio Banderas.
Design for an automated security gate.
3D virtual model to replace a broken camera part by way of 3D printing. The gear is only .3 in in diameter, smaller than most cookie crumbs. Modeled in SketchUp and rendered in Twilight Render.
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