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A las cinco de la tarde - Nuevo Circo, Caracas

Photo Copyright Roger Hawkins
Race Across America - RAAM - A bicyclist training in 115 degree heat for a 3000 mile bicycle ultramarathon. The race runs coast-to-coast and solo riders must average over 300 miles per day to make it in under 10 days. The trip was hard on me and I was in a car.
Octogenarians race across the continent. - This group of 80-year-old bicycled across the country in under 15 days. Pedaling day and night, they worked in relays so someone was always on the road. Here they cross the San Diego starting line heading for Atlantic City, New Jersey.
RAAM riders in Balboa Park, San Diego - Just minutes into a coast-to-coast race riders in Race Across America have barely put a dent in what would be a 3,000 mile ordeal.

Photo copyright Roger Hawkins 2004
Member of team go fast waits for relay rider - Team "Go Fast" rider waits to tag an approaching team member before taking off for his leg of the day. Shot somewhere in California on the way to the Arizona border.
Crossing form California to Arizona - The sign "Use Lower Gears" say it all as the rider passes over the Yarnell grade from California to Arizona. After a tortuous uphill climb the rider goes into a crazy fast and winding downhill into the ghost town of Jerome in Arizona. If you haven't checked your brakes it is too late now.
RAAM New Mexico
RAAM in Middle America - My shooting partner Ed Garrigues and I hid in a dozen cornfields documenting the progress of Race Across America as the extended train of riders (600 miles) passed through middle America.
Photo Copyright 2004 Roger Hawkins
Ohio - the Mid West ends and the East begins - Standing on the bridge arch was a test of will between photographic necessity and vertigo. The chase car carries team bicycles, snacks, and water. The top solo riders did 300 miles a day with only two to four hours off the bike.
Copyright Roger Hawkins 2004
The Estrella Mountains overlooking the Foothills Golf Club - Last hole of the day at the Foothills Golf Course in Ahwatukee, Arizona. The Estrella mountains in the background got their name from the notation on an old Spanish map that said "Journada de las estrellas." Translated this warning says "journey by the stars," meaning the heat of the day will kill your so journey by the stars. Summer temperatures in the area have reached more than 120 degrees.

Photo copyright Roger Hawkins 2007
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