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Designing the INNVELO FOUR

Designing the INNVELO FOUR - powered by hydrogen!
2019 should be the year in which the Innvelo Three gets a big brother. This means that 3 wheels become 4 wheels and 2 occupants become up to 7 passengers. Accordingly, everyone involved was delighted that they were reuniting to implement a successful transportation project. A network of German medium-sized companies, institutes and universities lends a hand - and really do!
Although you already have extensive knowledge in the field of electric cars, the research phase must never be neglected. There is steady progress, especially in the autonomous vehicle segment. Based on the latest research results, it was also necessary to incorporate these new results into the design process. What role does psychology play in autonomous driving? Or can people reduce their reservations about driverless vehicles in the future? So it remains exciting.

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Ronny Sauer
Diplom-Designer (FH) Leipzig, Germany