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Rendering INNVELO-Three
Brainstorming INNVELO-Three
INNVELO-Three sketching
INNVELO-Three sketching
INNVELO-Three CAD modeling
INNVELO-Three Tape Rendering
INNVELO-Three Rendering
INNVELO-Three colors
INNVELO-Three 3d print
INNVELO-Three Prototyp
INNVELO-Three Prototyp
INNVELO-Three Prototyp Roll out
INNVELO-Three Prototyp Roll out
INNVELO-Three Prototyp Presentation

Over the last 3 years me and my design-agency SAUER CREATIONS developed a three-wheeled electric car. That was a great experience to see things growing on the paper to a real driving vehicle. The most important point on this project I have learned was NEVER GIVE UP and NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
First we got a Briefing with al important facts and limitations. Low cost, low weight and a magnificent appearance. After this we started with a lot of sketches and Photoshop-work. The family of the bees was our muse. For this reason, we chose the bee for the COMMERCIAL-Car, HORNET for the race-version and the BUMBLEBEE for the work-version.
After this we did a lot of CAD and a tape rendering to get a feeling of proportions. That was also a lot of fun.
- 3 wheels
- L 284 x B 154 x H141
- 500 kg
- 1 chassis for 3 vehicle variants (commercial, work, race)
- 100 km/h
- 100 km range
- 2,1 Mio € development costs
- ca. 10.000€ per car
- 2 electric motors (3,2 kw per motor)

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Ronny Sauer
Diplom-Designer (FH) Leipzig, Germany