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UX project with AUDI
Interior modeled in Autodesk Alias
Mockup time
Some 1:1 haptic models
Testing, testing & testing
User Testing with PS4
Presentation time
User Testing again
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UX project with AUDI - SHIFT BY WIRE

It was one of my first UX design projects. But the project partner should be none other than the Ingolstadt-based automotive company AUDI. Of course you were very excited back then. After all, such opportunities don't come up every day. But the initial excitement quickly gave way to the zest for action.
The goal of this project was to research what gear shifting in a vehicle (AUDI A8) might look like in the future. 3 time scenarios were focussed on:
1. Today
2. Tomorrow
3. Vision
Depending on the classification in the time segments (today, tomorrow, vision), the concepts should be developed down to earth and real to visionary and inspired.

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Ronny Sauer
Diplom-Designer (FH) Leipzig, Germany