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Model Board - ECOSMOS was a Toy Design project I worked on at polyu school of design hong kong, with the company flying pigs and toy designer Remi Leclerc and Environmentalist Bernard Cuni. The Eco-Science kits I designed form worlds with characters, stories, activities and connect together to form an eccentric eclectic eco-universe.
Display - The Project was presented to the company director Peter Dean, with suggestive packaging, instructions, model, display boards, point of sale disaplay, logo and branding and 1 of the science kits as an example.
Structure - The concept was structured around 5 eco-spheres of life and it had a 4 tiered play pattern. I wanted the sets to be collectable and be crammed with activities and thougth provoking stories and characters.
Process - I liked this project because I got to play with lots of different mediums, from hacking up existing science kits, through sketching, sketch modelling and finally using machines like the laser cutter and rapid-prototyper.
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Ross Christopher Haynes
Manchester / Coventry, United Kingdom