Stack - The Interactive Speaker

Requiring interaction to control the volume, the ‘Stack’ speaker demands a tactile interaction which removes the use of traditional buttons and switches. By integrating force sensor resistors, as the user begins to stack the weighted forms the speaker turns on, and as each additional piece is added to the stack the volume increases. The casted weights are identical in mass, which insures a constant volume increase. The cohesive form of the pieces when they are stacked upon one another is visually indicative of the volume getting louder and by inverting this shape the non-affecting stack is made obvious. American White Ash has been laser cut with a delicate pattern which is necessary to allow the speaker to function. The soft grey housing wrapping the speaker is aluminium which has been hand-rolled to achieve the curved form. “Stack encourages a real interaction and a visual and tactile system of control. An emotion of surprise is achieved which sets Stack apart from other options."

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Rowan Jackman Wellington, New Zealand