Stasis: An Interactive task-based lamp

Stasis light produces 3 different intensities of light depending on how you interact with it. Stasis, which is powered by a rechargeable battery, has 3 different series of LEDs which are activated in correlation with the user interaction and its 4 different facets. The softest light is emitted when Stasis is reclined, allowing the light to have an ambient effect in a space.
When the light is in a vertical position, bright white light is produced, providing adequate light for several tasks commonly performed in a workspace. The opaque screen solves any issue regarding the bright light being in direct view.
To receive the brightest light intensity, Stasis must be placed on the largest, downward facing facet. Intense white light is then projected downward onto the surface, at an angle so as not to interfere with the user.
To rest Stasis and deactivate the light, it is simply laid back onto its fourth cork facet. In this position all light is switched off and charging can take place.

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Rowan Jackman Wellington, New Zealand