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Another Ninja Turtle. Trying to gain/build patience for backgrounds
Concrete - SketchBook Pro illustration. A long term sketch built up over a couple weeks.
BioLab - Cover Art for Autodesk's new Raster/Vector software, Alias Sketch and Alias Sketch for AutoCAD
Scrapped Tutorial Duece - This was going to be the content for a DVD I'm doing for Photoshop Cafe, but ran into editing complications and got tired of the image. On to new things, which means I can post this here.

all SketchBook Pro.
Bushwhacker - It's been a while since I sat down and actually finished a drawing. Feels good man.
Been working on this design for 'pre-baked' demos and sketch classes.

Borrowed the background image from mnugent on Flickr.
Scion Spot - Raster / Vector Sketch in SketchBook Designer 2011. Houses/car/dude.
Chicken - Just a fun one
Furai3 - I drive a first gen Mazda3 Sport, and I was pretty disappointed in the 2nd gen's exterior, so I started playing around with the Nagare language to see what could have been.
Lion Litter - Trying out the new Cintiq 24HD with SketchBook Pro
Stylized reflections?
Please, come in. - Lincoln concept.
Johnny Pag Teaser - A print ad Illustration to partially reveal a new production bike from Johnny Pag Motorcycles.
R36 - Another image I've worked up for speed. Demos and classes of 30 minutes or less.
Hawkeye - Raster/Vector Sketch in SketchBook Designer.
Johnny Pag - Monster Energy - Profile view render of a Johnny Pag Barhog for client approval on paint scheme.
Green - Painting over my linework. Hard concept for me to get used to.
Hipster Ish - Messin around in SketchBook Pro
Pack - Raster/Vector Sketch in SketchBook Designer
Brut - About 1/8th of those lines were done manually. Then duplicate layer a whole lot! SketchBook Pro
Profile - A quick stab at a Genesis face-lift. More of a wheel design piece though.
Volvo something. - Trying to build form with fewer lines.
Collage - Raster doodles in SketchBook Designer.
S2K - Forced Perspective in SketchBook Designer. Raster/Vector
Vector Jet - Test vector file for SketchBook Designer.
Quick One - Trying to work on my lighting.
VIP - Older stuff from SketchBook Pro
SkullGirl - Weird.
Cars, shoes, ladies and guitars. - Things I like, very much.
Blue, maybe Green - SketchBook Pro, while waiting for a video to render.
Retro Street - A quick one for a last minute portfolio piece.
Sketchy Van - iPad Sketch with SketchBook Pro and Pogo Stylus, as a promotional image for Autodesk.
Fashawn - Vector illustration of West Coast MC, Fashawn
Vinyl - Vinyl toy ideas in SketchBook Designer. More than slightly influenced by the UNKL SUG on my desk.
Bugeye - SketchBook Pro. It's been a while since I did a modification sketch. Feels good man.
Batman? - Made a video last night. This is what came out.
70 minute Batman sketch and a panda. I'm not sure why there's a panda, but there's a panda.

Here's a link to the video. My apologies if Dubstep isn't your cup of tea.

Same thing. Perspective/light source/basic volumes, all the same.
Call me an alien one more time. - C2E2 2012 Demo
Mikey - C2E2 2012 Demo
Same Old Bike - C2E2 2012 Demo
Botched Perspective - C2E2 2012 Demo
RWB - Messing around with symmetry in SBP
Volkswagen 1
Volkswagen 2
Digital Illustration
Kyle Runciman
Concept Designer/Illustrator Ottawa, Canada