Extreme Race Track Garage - I worked on this concept whilst working for 8th Wonder, a toy company based in the North West. It's a stylish, futuristic race track which includes a set of die-cast vehicles, a helipad, a working lift, car-wash, mechanic's table and flashing lights!
Bounce - A trampoline with 3 sections which fold into a small footstep for easy storage. The central disk and stand become wheels so it can be easily moved around. Each mat has a different shape which lights up and plays a sound when landed on! Team project with David McCall for 8th Wonder.
Farmtown Windmill - This concept was part of a miniature village we created at 8th Wonder. It comes supplied with a set of cute plastic characters.
Sea-rescue - A twist on the popular car steering-wheel style toys. Created whilst working at 8th Wonder.
Evil Folding Castle - A folding castle with many moving parts, cannons and trap-doors!
Toy Concepts
Ryan Parry
Ryan Parry Preston, England