Buckley Corporate Identity Rendering - I designed this logo for a new construction management company. I thought I would do a rendering for them so they could see how it could be implemented throughout.
Buckley Management & Consulting - Logo design for a construction management company.
Chameleon Logo - This was a design for a concept that Worth Softball had for a bat with interchangeable barrels, one for power, one for speed.
VanBo Logo - This is a logo a former colleague who started his own sourcing business.
Patriots Super Bowl Champs Logo - Hot-Market logo design for the New England Patriots
G4 Partners logo - Marketing firm
Wrigley Field Logo - This was a wordmark for a baseball that was sold in stadium
Style Ride Logo - Logo for a new personal stylist company in Carlsbad, CA
TagDesign Logo - Logo for my freelance design projects
Baysic Clothing Logo - Baysic is a clothing company that originated in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their focus is on green, eco-friendly materials.
Logo Design
Ryan Ostertag
Ryan Ostertag San Diego, CA