Initial sketch ideas for a product that would attach onto current refuelling systems
Moving onto the idea of redesigning the entire refuelling pump in order to make the process easier for everyone.
Basic sketches showing how the revised fuel pump would work.
To gather an idea of whether the concept would be successful, several prototypes were created, this helped me to see what was good about the product and where it was in need of improvement. I took these prototypes along to the focus group which I had gathered at the beginning of the project to get their opinions
The latest prototype which allowed pressurised water to be passed through it; this was also taken along to the focus group for feedback on ease of use.
A cross-sectional model of the final concept design. The CAD file was created on Solidworks, which was then sent off so that the main body could be CNC machined. The model is created of 2 CNC bodies and several 3D printed parts.
Having had the prototype created professionally, I was then able to see where the product worked well, alongside improvements would need to be made if I was to take the project any further.
A full model of the final concept design, created using a Z Corp 3D printer. The CAD model was spit into several different sections, in order to create a successful build. The parts where then treated and spray painted in order to give a good visualisation of the final product.
In reality the materials and manufacturing that would be used are aluminium and cold chamber pressure die casting, although the overall shape of the main body is quite simple, internally it is quite geometrically complex, with added ribs for extra strength and support. In case of any excess material or flash that occurs during the process, trimming of the product would then take place, either manually or using a trimming press. Sliding cores would also be used within the manufacture of the part in order to create the bolt fixtures that are present.
Car Refuelling for People with Limited Mobility

The initial idea behind the project was car refuelling for the disabled. It was noted that people with conditions such as arthritis struggle to refuel their vehicles. They either have to ask for assistance or have somebody do it for them. After gathering a focus group it became evident that this was a big problem, there are already products on the market, but none that really address the problem. Therefore lots of research was done to see where the main issues lay and how they could be solved.

The initial concept involved designing a product in which the user could carry in their can and use when necessary, one that would attach to the pump preventing the user from cramping their hands. Nonetheless, products like this were already on the market and not fulfilling the need. Therefore it was decided to look into how the fuel pump works as a whole. On doing this it was decided that a re-design of the entire pump would be the most efficient, making the process easier for everybody.

Samantha Evans
Industrial Design Engineer Lichfield, United Kingdom