As part of Furniture Design, we were tasked with designing a storage chair. These two pages of sketches show some of the initial ideas, which were then further developed through to the final design.
More concept ideas for furniture design.
A torch model created in my first year of University.
During my second year at University. I was given the brief to design a ruggadized vacuum cleaner for a well known brand name, in which I had to design the vacuum in order to fit in with that particular brand. Therefore extensive research was done into their current products, how vacuum cleaners work and how these things could be combined in order to create an ideal product. From this project, four designs from within the class were taken forward to be developed further. Working in groups, the four designs were created in CAD and rapid prototyped.
More concept sketches for the ruggerdized vacuum cleaner.
Half scale model of the concept, created using Jelutong.
For this project, our class was split up into different groups. An external company came in a set us a brief to design something to fit into one their cages to stimulate the rodents that would usually be in there. As a group, we undertook research into what rodents need to keep them stimulated. We worked on the project continuously for a week, until we came to our final design. The following images show some concept sketches, however they were not taken forward.
Side Projects

This project shows a few side projects undertaken in my 1st and 2nd years of University.

Samantha Evans
Industrial Design Engineer Lichfield, United Kingdom