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DeWALT Light - I designed the drill with a working light for those tough to see situations. After talking to several construction workers, I decided to place the light on the top. It is minimal in size, so it doesn't interfere with the regular drill operations. An indented push button behind the light turns it on and off. Designed in Rhinoceros 3D. Published on McNeel website: http://gallery.mcneel.com/?language=en&i=21983
cookBook Pro - Modeled and rendered in Alias Maya 5; The digital cook book project concentrated on moving the kitchen mom into the 21st century - cookBook Pro has all the abilities of the regular PDA planner as well as multimedia (pictures, sounds, and video) containing variety of recipes and the ability to download and new ones and share yours with your friends...
Anubis - Siggraph SPACE - 2003 Student Poster Competition and Exhibition finalist. Designed in Adobe Photoshop.
kettler Trike - Interactive Flash Presentation for assembly, product info and additional features of the Junior - Kettler Toys tricycle - Interactive CD-ROM. Developed in Flash MX; in addition with Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, Alias Maya 5 (for modeling and short animations)
MZi Roadster Concept - Originaly developed in Maya 5 as a concept car project - This was rendered in Rhino/Flamingo. Published on Rhino website:
Elegant Faucet - Designed partially in Maya - Rendered in Flamingo
M-9 Bayonet - Modeled and rendered in Alias Maya 5
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