"Bhot bhoti, a popular river transport on the Brahmaputra"
Digital Illustration (digital oil on canvas)
4608 X 3456 pixels
My father, Late Dr. Indra Nath Bhattacharyya
24 X 32 inches
Oil on canvas (Digital)
"Colours of the Evening Light : The Campfire"
1119 X 702 pixels
Oil on Canvas (Digital) using Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 and Corel Painter 12
1600 X 900 pixels
Digital painting using mouse and Corel Painter 12
"Personal space" (The pool in my village backyard)
Digital oil on canvas
Corel Painter 12 n my humble mouse
Digital Illustrations
Tirtha Bharadwaj
Freelance Artist, Illustrator Guwahati, India