Mnemonic Table

Mnemonic Table is a smart architectural blocks. This is an educational toy to help to develop spatial language it allows players to quickly sketch by putting together, replacing, and rotating them with its modular design components. Like a doll house, they can place tiny people and landscapes, they can write a fictional world in the space(also they can learn how the story changes when they replace and orate the objects). The exciting aspect of this is it has saving function that it archive all the data the players save as a specific building typology. The player can virtually see all the past combinations they made, compare and connect to social networking such as tumbler, twitter, Facebook etc. Also, they can feel other players' existence while playing. It has a physical feedback system that it lights up and make sounds when the program finds the same configurations and process of thinking as the other players.

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Saki Hayashi
3D/ UX Designer, RIBA Part II Architectural Assistant New York, NY