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Mygivingbook.com and mygivingbook native mobile application are part of a platform used by customers to give,
share and keep in touch with friends and family members. Users sign up for the service and quickly enter their
„vital stats? [working title] which include favorite charities, clothing sizes [for both the user and their
children if applicable], favorite brands and stores and much more.

Users establish and continually update their profile preferences on the website or through their native iOS
or Android app and each account is updated in real-time for accuracy across the mygivingbook network.
mygivingbook is a unique way for the thoughtful, yet disorganized to always show their love with the perfect
gift – whether it’s a gift on behalf of a loved one to their favorite charity or that special dress she’s been eyeing.

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Sanjaya Jena
UI/UX Designer Bengaluru, India