The element that attracted me to working on glass was its transparency and its double-sided quality. Having never experienced working with vitrail paint before I was using it like a child and learning as I worked regardless of the original methods.
I was also continuing to use techniques of collage and cut outs continued from my previous works yet added the element of glitter.I first started to use the circle shape as the base of my works when I was working with wood, representing the timeless and cycles. They also reminded me of bubbles, memories and a full sequence in time. I loved the textures and the effects of paint on it yet I think I switched to glass because the transparency was closer to the metaphors I was juggling around with in my head, to me they represented the soul, and spiritual purification and by getting inspiration of images from old alchemy texts, I integrated them into my work.

Sara Shabanazad
Freelance Visual Artist Tehran, Iran