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RedEnvelope: Mini Star Wish Ornaments - I designed and developed these festive ornaments. Within 2 weeks of their debut on the web site, they made it to the top 25 in sales for the company.
RedEnvelope: Best Wishes Tea Lights - I designed and developed this set of 4 festive tea light holders. Each cup has 3 letters on it. Rotate each cup to spell out words like "give", "wish", "love", and "luck."
RedEnvelope: Bird Lanterns - I designed and developed these outdoor hanging lanterns. We knew we wanted a bird and we wanted to update the look and material of an old SKU. Here are some sketches, a spec, and prototypes of the design.
Pottery Barn: Turned Wood Entertaining Collection - Designed skus and managed the production of this entertaining collection.
Pottery Barn: Elena Glass Collection - Designed and managed the production of this glassware collection. It has become a core line of glassware for PB since it was released in 2007.
Pottery Barn: Fall '06 Branch Collection - Collection was a collaboration between all designers and managers. I gave art direction for renderings, gave input on designs, created technical drawings for all SKUs, and managed all SKUs from concept through final approved samples. This collection was manufactured in India.
Pottery Barn: Summer '07 Enamelware - I designed 3 additional SKUs to bring into PB's Partyware Collection.
Pottery Barn: Recycled Glass Collection - Here's a sample of my sketches, a spec, and a first set of samples. This collection was manufactured in Mexico.
Pottery Barn: Spring '07 Tiered Stand - Here's my spec, revision, and final product. This product was made in the Philippines.
Pottery Barn: Stemless Glassware - PB wanted to expand their stemless glassware line. I designed and managed the production of the stemless Bordeaux and flute. These were manufactured in Poland.
Pottery Barn: Organic Glassware - Here are renderings and spec of a new line of glassware. However, this particular line did not make it to production. Manufacturing was done in Thailand.
Pottery Barn: Swank Entertaining Collection - I designed a new bar tool set for this existing collection. Here is the original spec, hand-drawn revision, and final product. Manufactured in India.
Pottery Barn: Design Concepts + Renderings - Here are multiple samples of renderings.
FYI: The image on the middle-right is not jewelry for body piercings. They're wine charms.
Pottery Barn: Spec Sketches - Simple hand-drawn technical drawings
Pottery Barn: Concept Layouts - On the left is a quick rendered concept of 5 different lines of new glassware as might be seen in a store bay. Inspirations for those designs are next to the rendering. On the right is a render of a possible pressed glass feature table layout. It was done as a quick visualization of all of the possible SKUs for that collection.
Pottery Barn: Collages - I created these collages for a line of melamine trays.
Product Development
SeMe Sung
Product Designer San Francisco, CA