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Hitachi Sponsored Hi-8 Video Camera - This was a blue sky project. Before dv, but after VHS, Hi-8 was the new wave of video recording. Here you see initial sketches, to refined renderings, to mock-up models, and finally to the chosen concept.
Chair, page 1 of 2 - After studying the works of Jean Arp (seen in the 3 photos to the left), I began conceptualizing designs for a piece of furniture. The furniture was to look as if was designed by the artist.
Chair, page 2 of 2 - Next, I began making many small scale models in many different materials.

The final piece is seen on the right.
Lamp - Preliminary sketches, concept development, and final product. Lamp was made of sand cast aluminum base and frosted glass dome. Dome was removable. A total of 3 different colored domes (white, red, and teal) were packaged with this product.
Marker Renderings - Remember when there was no 3D rendering, and it was all done by hand? Me too. The top 2 and the bottom middle images are of my own designs. The bottom right and left are studies from "Creative Marker Techniques."
Glass Topped Coffee and End Table - Concept rendering, 1/4 scale models.
Wood Topped Coffee and End Table - Concept renderings, technical drawings (before computers!), 1/4 scale models.
Conceptual studies of Design Principles - 1st photo: Custom made rock stand. Approx. 2' height. Made of one bent aluminum rod.

2nd + 3rd photos: Linear/Fluidity Sculpture. Approx. 4' height. Wood base, conduit pipe, satin string.
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SeMe Sung
Product Designer San Francisco, CA