Aelle ll Design Process - This is my design process about a product named 'Aelle'..
Aelle ll Interaction Design - I designed about how to interact with Aelle and product design specification (pds). ^ ^
Serena Perfume ll Brand Kenzo - SInce beta year, I given an project 'design perfume' for guys or girls so I got new idea; sakura as metaphor because it is suitable for girls. I draw many ideas and created 3D perfume.. I chose brand 'Kenzo' for my perfume named 'Serena'! ^ ^
Flash ll Xeaina Keyboard - I created new software 'keyboard' for my real PDA because I need to aim my target community; Teenagers (age 15-20). - Flash 8 - Adobe Photoshop 7
My model - Toy 'Wabbit' - I taken my course 'Model Making'. I like to create a toy for kids! haha.. I decided to put electronic sound into my real model 'Wabbit'.. My friends said 'wow' when they can hear what sound come from my toy!! I am deaf so cant hear what..haha :P My toy is nice? hehe It looks as evil toy!! Tools - Drawing engreering - Marker Pens (color) - Electronic 'Sound' - Sewing - Woods - Pipes - Circle Boxes (Plastic)
“Life begin at 40..." - This is my project of digital device “Life begin at 40.The digital hearing aid’s company is Widex. I choose the name of “SAVIA” for the digital hearing aid and digital scanner. The moodboard is very important with a feeling “COMFORTABLE” for my digital hearing aid and digital scanner. In live with modern and new lifestyle of today. I add different things and functions like mp3 player, radio and scanner.
Flying E-Hovx - E-Hovx is a product made with high technology device incorporated with memory chips, sensors, powerful motors and others. The digital electronics, communications requires advanced system technologies to achieve higher performance and functionality, such as high-speed flying, power battery, smaller chip dimensions, system power control and others.
Flash Desktop ll Icons - This is my project 'Flash Desktop & Icons'. I designed icons with used the software 'Axalis Iconworkshop' and 'Adobe Photoshop' . I created new desktop in Flash 8. It can work in desktop flash, more like u click the icons to open 'My Docements', Media Player and etc in desktop window XP.. haha ^ ^ -Adobe Photoshop 7 -Flash MX and 8
D-HearT Screen Mobile - I created a software mobile for D-HearT- avatar who can help to translate the words into the sign language!! Normal hearing people can learn the sign language when they use D-HearT mobile! They can communicate with deaf community after they learn it! Many applications in D-HearT mobile! It is fun for hearing and deaf community!
User Interface Design
Selina Ooi
::CReAtiVe Deaf :: AbOuT Me!! Klang Valley:KL, Subang, Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia