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The Lost Son Of Na'vi - In The Year 2166 When The Transport Ship Carrying All The Humans Returned Back To Earth, A Young Na'vi Stepped Out Amidst A Hordes Of Stunned Humans.
The Lack Of Cryo-Chamber had Aged A Young Na'vi Boy Who Had Accidentally Got Trapped Inside The Ship Before It Took Off.
Now This Lost Son Of Na'vi Who Is The Only Person Who Can Connect With The Soul Of Earth, Must Do Everything To Save The Plundering Mother Nature.
The White Peahen
She is one of the three Peahen sisters.
She's the youngest daughter of the forest mother.
White Peahen is extremely mischievous.
She allures forest hunters and travelers and rips their heart out.
The Blue Peahen. - Go To The Next Image, The Concept Is Explained
The Blue Peahen - The Blue Peahen is one of the three Peahen sisters. They're the daughters of the forest mother. Blue Peahen can be helpful or even mischievous depending on which of the sisters, she is with. She allures forest hunters and travelers with her exotic charm. [Facebook Scaled Down The Quality] Go To The Previous Image For The Close Up View
Accidents Happen.
A Weekend To Remember
Ride On My Shoulders
Adventures Of Cheppu 'n' Chinnu [A Childhood Memory] - Dedicated To My Baby Sister
Tiny Feet - My Feet Are Tiny, My Steps Are Small.
Teach Me How To Put My Shoes On, One Day I'll Stand Tall
The Duality. - The Bar Magnet, It's Magnetic Flux & Everything In Between
Black Practices.
Sephin 'Simpson' Alexander - [*Doh!*] I Got Simpsonised!
Madhubala [1933-1969] - This Is From The Song "Achhaji Main Haari" [Kala Paani, 1958]. Her Expressions Are Adorable.
Song Link-
Bartering For A Piece Of Memory" - "-You Can Have This Bar Of Chocolate Instead" "-But What Use Can A Guy Have For This?"
"- :)
Stranded? - Stranded On An Ice-Berg Surrounded By A Murky Ocean?
Vulnerable To A Never Ending Snow Fall?
Lie On Your Back, Move Your Limbs Side To Side
And Make Snow-Angels!
Smile City - Where everything is a Facade.
The Freedom.
Caffeinated Awake State Of Mind.
The Woman With A Taped On Expression.
The Faceless Shifty Guy.
And The Girl From A Fading Memory.
Everyday I Put On A Wide Smile And Walk Among Them.
I'm Fine. You're Fine. Everybody's Fine. - Problem Solved! I'm Awake And Smiling All The Time!
Charmed - I've Charmed The Venomous Of Them All.
And Yet She Found Me And Now I Stand Charmed...
Like A Moth To A Flame
Riding On The Clouds
In The Eyes Of The Beholder. - I'm Surrounded By Them, I'm In Them. Everything I Hold, Everything I Behold Becomes A Part Of Them. Them Is Colors
The Flower In Her Hair
A Lick-A-Lolly For The Blind-Boy - Ever wondered how a blind would react to source of light?
Howling In Silence - When His Beloved Moon Found Warmth In The Arms Of The Cloud, The Wolf Swore Never To Howl Again And Let Her Be.. The Blossom Tree Then Said, "Look Away I'll Cover You."
Howling In Darkness - Ages Passed,
Still The Wolf Stood By His Promise And The Blossom Tree By The Wolf.
A Wishful Wolfish Dream. - For It Was Prophesied That The Wolf's Beloved Would Come Down To Him, Once, In The 18th Year Of His Life. That Day He Would Stand Tall With Her Under The Shade Of The Blossom Tree. Whilst The Mischief Winds Would Chase Away The Clouds. Alas! Fate Never Kept Its End Of The Bargain, For The Wolf Never Knew About Such A Prophesy. And Now Its Just A Wishful Wolfish Dream.
Hush Among The Waves
Guess Who?
Notoriously Popular
Phallic Extensions.
Only In Parts
A Hug Is All That It Takes.
Chuddy Vich Buddy
And That's When They Knew...
Digital Love
-The Serenity Prayer
God Grant Me The Serenity
To Accept The Things I Cannot Change;
Courage To Change The Things I Ccan;
And Wisdom To Know The Difference.
On A Cold Wintry Night
nstagram A Telegram
Existential Crisis
My Killer Whale
Just Breathe, I Got You.
I'ma Bounce!
Viscous Vision.
Digital Paintings
Sephin Alexander
Freelance Artist [Animation, Digital Painting Delhi, India