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Colors For Bruno - Most of the Dog’s see in Black & White. Simon wishes his lovable and loyal Bruno could see the nature in its true colors. God makes his wish comes true when he dies and leaves behind Bruno; all alone. But something happens & Bruno’s new found joy doesn’t last long as everything in nature turns back to black and white, right before his eyes. And this time even God can’t help him.
Illustration for MTV Gang Nexters Blog Sample - I'll explain anyhow! ->
5 ppl..from left Skuff, Runk, Ane, Tigga, T And the Dog Fido
They're hanging out together.. Fido sniffs around and then he pees on the Tv.. They take out their Samsung Corbys..
The pik is too low resolution..had to explain.. :)
The Prince Of Head-Pit - Short Film - A young Lice named Mosses residing on top of Harry's head, one night hears a song played on the radio
"God Spoke To Mosses - Let My People Go" . He misconstrues this as the voice of God himself and sets out to free his people from the evil rule of Dandruff Pharaoh Fuff of Head-pit [Above Right Ear] and lead them to the promised land "Kaan-A" [Above Left Ear]. Does He Succeed?
[Based On The Biblical Story Of Mosses]

Character Design For Mosses And Pharaoh Fuff. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6LndBp31eY
Gray - A Wheelchair Dependant Quadraplegic Is Suddenly Granted The Absolute Power.
What Do You Think He Would Do?

This Is A Short Graphic Novel I Did. Kindly Click On The Link & See It For Yourself. Do Leave Your Feedback.
Ps :- The Artwork Has Been Purposefully Kept Very Simple
Love Symphony - "Love Symphony" - A Contemporary Dance Musical
Stop Motion Animation Using Paper Puppets.
By Sephin Alexander, Anirban Mazumdar & Srishti Gandhi
Coming Soon...
Thank you Jomy Joseph, Co-Animator & The Very Intuitive Web-Cameraman

Short Film Posters & Other Works
Sephin Alexander
Freelance Artist [Animation, Digital Painting Delhi, India