The above is concept sketch I generated as an initial proposal to mount pneumatic rock drills onto a remote controlled low profile diesel dozer. The brief was to create a completely remote controlled unit that could be used to support the tunnel ceilings (stopes) This would be a method where by vertical holes are drilled approximately 1.6m deep for every 1m advance. These holes would be eventually filled with 'epoxy sausages' and reinforced with steel rebars effectively pinning the rock strata ensuring a safer working environment for underground mining.
A concept sketch I generated to show the dozer's ability to potentially 'face' drill.
The finished protoype, Project Managed to completion by myself. Mechanical design by my colleague, Mech Engineer - Jason Vrodljak
Concept In-Stope mechanised roof bolter

In- Stope Mechanised Roofbolter

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Shane Diaz
Product Designer Cape Town, South Africa