The cover and back menu design for "The Outpost Tea and Bakery".
Menu interior for "The Outpost Tea and Bakery."
Tea package design for england, each country has their own similar design corresponding to a designated color scheme.
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This is the tea booklet cover that describes each country and their relationship with teas and pastries.
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Interior page for a small informational booklet that goes through the history of each country and their relationship with different teas and pastries. This page is a small excerpt from the England section.
The Outpost Tea and Bakery

This was one of my last projects at Edinboro University. It was for an imaginary restuarant called "The Outpost International Tea and Bakery." This project showcases a lot of research from what kind of teas are enjoyed across the world from which pastry is enjoyed with it. I limited it to only 5 tea loving countries and tried to showcase a savory and a sweet to go with each kind of tea.

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Sharon Nash
Graphic Designer Wrightstown, NJ