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Logo just the title
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Logo on the window of the salon
From the Posh International Salon logo to their own products. Come Posh Hair Therapy that wanted their their own seal so come Get Posh'd and Nourish'd By Nature
This are the title for all their hair products
This is an example of an ad for the products and some of the all nature ingredients they add inside.
Get Posh'd is their saying for Posh International Salon. Getting the seal of approval. Some exaples of the seal but with Posh'd version seal on some of the photos instagram
Exaples 1 Posh'd version
Exaples 2 Posh'd version
Exaples 3 Posh'd version
Posh International Salon

Logo and products for Posh International Salon

Posh International Salon is dedicated to bringing out the best In your hair. For many years. At Posh International Salon, they take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

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Sherry Pacheco
Graphic Designer & Illustrator Lakewood, NJ