This project, i and my team of 3 persons, we got the brief to design food packaging to eat rapidly and easily during the expo 2015 which will happens in the center of Milan. The team agreed on the kind of food will be traditional Italian food from all the regions of Italy. After the research we found 5 kinds of food that are commons in every regions and we started from that point of view. This 1st one is packaging for pasta which user can use it, eat it easily, walking through the expo.
Made with food safety paper, folding together, can contain a perfect proportion of food for 1 person. and yet packaging can be recycled easily.
Using Thai's technique of folding banana leaf, we design the easy plate that need no glue and yet can be held easily in hand.
looked like a big leaf or big spoon :)
pyramid of sweet. This is perfect for dry sweet such as cake or pie
Using technique of star folding. Give us a pretty shape for our finger food.
Imitating the chinese glutinous rice, we got a perfect packaging for an Italian's arancini.
Our set of outdoor eating packages.
1 piece of paper packaging
Food packaging for expo 2015 - 2011

Food packaging for expo 2015

Sirilak Chitpanvong
Product designer กรุงเทพมหานคร, Thailand