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Concept development - Part of a 6-week intensive project involving primary research, branding, sketching, and modeling. My focus was medical systems for the elderly. The medium used in these finished concepts were Prismacolor pencils; Verithin's for line quality and regular black pencil for line weight. I keep my base sketches loose but as accurate as I can, constantly checking my proportions. I then use those drawings as underlays and go over once more with drawing curves to make my lines as clean as possible.
Construction Armor - These group of sketches are the product of a collaborative 24 hour design charrette. My group's design focus was the field of construction and the equipment used.
Gotta love mechwarrior..
Pencil and Ink

Mostly student work while at SCAD.

Michael Slabon
Product Designer at NERF Pawtucket, RI