Laser-cut magpie brooch, layered and varnished mountboard cutout to reveal a fragment from a 1950s dictionary of science.
Brooch: vegan leather-look paper, acrylic paint, a fragment of text from Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus.
Pendant: greyboard block, acrylic paint, velvet ribbon.
Brooch: laser-cut mountboard, acrylic paint, varnish, scraps of luxury lace from a boutique designer's waste stream, a fragment of a too-well-read copy of the Iliad.
Pendant: laser-cut mountboard, acrylic paint, ribbon loop, fragment from JRR Tolkien's The Two Towers.
Hair slide: laser-cut rose. Mountboard, acrylic paint, varnish.
Brooch: painted laser-cut oval tambour frame and acrylic paint monoprinted centre, netted with scrap luxury lace from a lingerie designer's studio waste stream.
Distressed pendant: mountboard, ribbon loop, distressed print from a digital version of my original woodblock print 'London Rowan', which was itself hand-carved from a laser-cut outline taken from a photo I took.
Laser-cut leaf pendants, each one digitally traced from an actual leaf. Oak from Derbyshire, silver birch and copper beech from the Chilterns. Greyboard and a fragment of JRR Tolkien's 'The Two Towers', depicting the Ents' march on Isengard. The smudging is residue from the laser cutting, deliberately preserved.
Pendant: layered greyboard block, acrylic paint monoprinting and edging.

Lightweight art jewellery, made from sustainable materials and too-well-loved books.

Somhairle Kelly
Jeweller, artist, graphic designer Stonehaven, United Kingdom