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Keely Brothers Band Logo - Client: Jeri Smith-Ready, author
Medium: Ink with digital coloring

Client requested a logo for the fictional band in her book to use on promotional items. The logo had to reflect the band's Irish/punk genre and not be too refined. The current lettering reflects the logo's use on round buttons.
Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother Logo - Client wanted a logo that represented the spiritual mission of their organization and set them apart from the crowd. They specifically requested symbolism based on the native American medicine wheel and eagle feathers, that could reflect their multifaceted mission including conservation, spiritual education, and community outreach.

I provided several variations on the logo layout for use in printed materials, online, and in future onsite signage.
CritterWings logos - Client: Critterwings Studio (self)
Medium: Ink

The CritterWings shop sells my own artwork on consumer products. I wanted a logo that was both fun and adaptable to the different types of artwork that are being offered. Printed goods like cards feature the most fitting version of the logo on the back.
Queekr.com logo - Client: Life Cycle Solutions
Medium: Digital (vector)

Client requested a "web 2.0-style" logo for their website intended to solicit customer feedback, requesting a simple, friendly mouse character with a gray and purple color scheme.
Illustrated Logos

I design logos for clients who want an illustrated approach, after careful consultation about their needs and requirements. Most logo projects are created in vector format, but occasionally logos are produced with hand-drawn inks, which can be converted into vectors as needed.

Stephanie Smith
Illustrator and Graphic Designer Baltimore, MD