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Subterrain Album Cover. - Official Subterrain album cover. Done in ink and watercolor.
The official case and cd together.
Giving Birth to Ghosts Demo Album Cover - The Band Giving Birth to Ghost demo CD Album Cover.
Done in Red and Black ink.
Blurry pic of artwork for Subterrain's 2nd album cover. Done in watercolor and ink.
Detail of diver on cover.
Detail of Octopus of Doom.
Process work. Unfinished inked in cover.
Bad Veins/ Buffalo Killers Concert/ AliveOne Anniversary Ticket Flipped - Ticket for Bad Veins and Buffalo Killers concert. It's a flippable ticket. This is an image of the ticket that portrays the band the Bad Veins image upright.
AliveOne Anniversary Ticket Design - Was commissioned to design this ticket for the anniversary of the Concert spot AliveOne. Two up and coming Rolling Stone featured bands were performing at the Anniversary Party. I totally re-designed their logos and incorporated them into the ticket. Since, it is a ticket I designed it to be able to be able to be flipped and view the graphics in either direction.
Bad Veins detail for ticket - This is a logo I designed for a band featured on the ticket for AliveOne's Anniversary. Created in Illustrator.
3D Album cover for a band Otophobia - Drawn by hand then color separated in Photoshop to appear 3d with 3d glasses worn. Very successful.
Non 3d version of Otophobia album cover
3d insert album artwork for band Otophobia
Non 3d insert artwork.
Original Sketch and design for album cover.
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Band Album Artwork
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