Sizing up artwork to make sure it will print properly on a blank.
Film to burn to silk screen.
Washing out screens after burning them.
Adjusting blank placement.
Screen sitting by to be used.
Manually printing colors.
Underbase and a few colors.
No underbase, using black plate to align registration.
After inks have cured by passing through the dryer.
Comparing colors to get best result.
Final product using black and sentry clear to generate tones.
Final product.
Final design (artwork for this design was done by myself)
Samples of the first boys collection.
The rest of the first boys collection.
Johnny Test Boys Shirts

A few years back, I was granted the opportunity to work with Johnny Test to create boys clothing line. Our challenge was to take a popular boys cartoon and create tee's that would work for mass retail clothing stores.

I contributed to a few of the designs and added to the brainstorming sessions with the creative team. I also coordinated and produced the first samples and production runs.

Below are a few snapshots of the production process from sizing up the art to final product.

Steven Medina
Production Escondido, CA