Blammm Comics (A part of my Thesis) - "Blammm Comics"
is an organization which designs & publishes Comic Books..
(A part of my Thesis)
Clim Arrow - "Clim Arrow"
is a weather forecasting device which also records climatic changes by just shooting it towards the sky..
Egg Comics - Logo Design for "Egg Comics"
Goldencci Ads (Advertising)
Tutorial's Circle - "Tutorial's Circle"
is a Karachi based organization of some students who send their fellow-students' to the people who need home-tuition for their kids..
Alex and the Gods of Atlantis - Masthead - Alex and the Gods of Atlantis - Masthead (A part of my Thesis)
Logo Designs

Some of my designed logos.

Syed Jahangeer Zaidi
Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Concept Artist. Karachi, Pakistan