Dredge Samples
Design Sketches
This was the first prototype I built in Solidworks. Many changes had to be made, because professional dredge engineers claimed that all the heaviest components were positioned way too high above he pontoons, and would be a very high risk of tipping over in a rough rapid. It was back to the drawing board.
The large mock up on the right side of this frame is a full scale model made of PVC pipe and insulation boards. The purpose was to find research physical capabilities in full scale, demonstrate human factor related interactions, and look for the most ideal places to install the hinges. A 1/4 scale model was made by 3-D printing individual components, bonding them together, building a frame out of brass and solder.
All components are lined up and locked in the dredging position. This dredge is ready to hit the river and vacuum up some gold!
Gold Dredge

Senior Project. My friend and I used to dredge gold with his miniature dredge. It was fun, but very difficult carrying a large machine with only one handle through the wilderness across uneven muddy terrain. My researched showed and we were not the only ones with this problem. So I sought out to make a 155lb dredge to convert into a wheelbarrow for easier transportation.

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Tom Tice
Industrial Designer Grants Pass, OR