NASCAR CoT Chassis - Advanced Vehicle Research It's not a pretty design, primarily because of NASCAR rules restrictions, but was a good use of SolidWorks for concept development and tube fitting details. All components were manufactured using 6-axis laser cutting. Chassis tube-fitting fabrication time was reduced and build accuracy increased.
AMA Racebike Component - Buell 1190RR 3D CAD model of lightweight chassis structural subframe used for supporting the front fairing and related components. Part manufactured via high-pressure magnesium die casting.
ChampCar Rear Upright - Lola-B03 3D CAD model of fabricated rear upright for improved wheel bearing and brake cooling. An experimental design resulting from progressive development of the rear suspension system and related components.
SCORE Unlimited-Class Off-Road Race Truck - Chevy S10 Mid-engine off-road race truck design project. Vehicle architecture, engineering and detail design of tubular space-frame w/ reinforced impact zones, robust front/rear suspension w/ 22" wheel travel, bi-redundant hydraulic steering system, mid-engine drivetrain system with transaxle. Packaging and design of fuel system, cooling system and misc. ancillary items.
IMSA GTS RaceCar - Nissan 300ZX GTS-1 IMSA racecar design and development project. Updated design of chassis for increased wheelbase and revised drivetrain with transaxle. Engineering and detail design of tubular space-frame, drivetrain components, suspension geometry, suspension components, power steering, engine support systems, driver support systems, fuel system.
IMSA GTP RaceCar - AK93 Acura/Spice GTP-L IMSA endurance racing vehicle development program. Chassis/suspension/aerodynamics developmental engineering and race set-up engineering. Management of team personnel during chassis development design/build, wind tunnel testing, track testing and race events. Data system engineering, maintenance and information management.
TraNZam RaceCar - PH-01 Chevy Corvette Racecar design for New Zealand TraNZam series. Vehicle architecture, engineering and detailed design of everything necessary for successful build, prep for competition and on-track performance.
TraNZam Chassis 3D CAD - PH-01 Chevy Corvette
Le Mans Prototype - Concept sketch for Brix Racing.
IMSA WSC - Brix HC94 Oldsmobile Rear Suspension Section View
IMSA WSC - Brix HC94 Oldsmobile Rear Suspension
DSR Gearbox - 3D SolidWorks model of Quaife PowerTech Gear Drive System QBA3R CAD file download available at:
Ohlins TTX36 Shock Absorber - Dimensionally accurate volumetric 3D model of Ohlins TTX36 shock absorber with Eibach coil spring. Modeled as multi-body solid using SolidWorks. SW files are fully parametric to simplify endeye length change, damper stroke adjustment and spring compression. CAD file download available at:
Ducati Digitek Dash Display - Dimensionally accurate volumetric 3D model of Ducati Digitek Instrument Display. Modeled as hybrid surface and multi-body solid using SolidWorks. CAD file download available at:
Cosworth Engine Dolly - Design and development of pit equipment, setup tools, and racecar maintenance equipment.
RaceCar Transporter
Detailed Part Drawing - ChampCar front suspension reduced-friction rocker.
Assembly Drawing - ChampCar front suspension reduced-friction rocker.
THoke ...
Design Engineer Ridgway, CO