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Ice Cream Scoop - Ideations for a more ergonomic ice cream scoop with all the mechanisms contained within the handle rather than being exposed. Allows for easy cleaning and no pinching!
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Floor Plan for Injection Molding Facility - Using Illustrator to layout an injection molding facility for raw goods coming in and completed goods moving out.
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Elevation and Section Views - Using Illustrator, drawing out the front/side facade of the building and creating section views of details within.
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Lot Layout of Injection Molding Facility - Layout of outside lot of facility incorporating trees indigenous to the state of CA. Parking is included throughout for both employees and guests.
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Rowenta Iron re-design - Re-design of the standard iron for more ergonomic handling and better button allocation for more comfortable operation.
Office Chair Ideations - Ideations and quick sketches of office chairs done by marker, felt tip pen, ball point pen and Photoshop!
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Design Boards used on finals incorporating design process

Freelance, Full-time
Tom Konofalski Jr.
Available for opportunities - Industrial Product Designer / Mechanical Engineer Gilbert, AZ