Total visual redesign done by me in collaboration with a user researcher. This web site provided design guidelines for VMware products
Styles tab internal page of VM ware design guidelines web site
Patterns tab internal page of VM ware design guidelines web site
VMware Design tab internal page
Here is the design approach I created for VMware's end user product line, Horizon. This design was designed to share commonalities with VMware's enterprise products, while bringing a fresh, and simple UI. This is how the final appeared in the product.
Inside the Horizon portal, this was my early design for the application "chicklets". This design also made it into the product and continues to be used.
This is a good example how I have delivered my mock up to the developers. Only with clear, detailed specifications can the visual design team ensure the final product looks the way we intended.
After completing the Horizon designs, we decided our outdated e-mail client; Zimbra, deserved a facelift as well. Here we have the final version of the Zimbra login screen. As you can see there were many input fields required. Designing this required some negotiating with the product teams to reduce unnecessary "clutter" to the bare bones, so as to clean up the look and feel, and keep this new end user design approach simply and clean. I also created the new login buttons that appear in the zimbra client as well, and wrote the CSS and HTML.
This is the Icon Repository I designed and art directed to establish consistent icon usage across all vmware product teams.
An inside look at the list view for product icons
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Thomas Thorslund
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