Citrix Receiver for iPad
Citrix Receiver Mobile - I designed the Citrix Reciever icon on iPhone and iPad, which achieved #1 free app ranking in the Apple app store, with two million downloads in just the first two weeks.
This beautiful splash/star screen comes from the Horizon End User designs I created. The product icon can be seen as well in the Product Icons section of my portfolio. This is one of my favorites.
Horizon login now applied to iPad specifications
Adapting the Horizon designs to adjust with iPad features and controls.
The adapted iPad version of the Horizon portal
Add an application screen - Interaction design was in collaboration with Horizon team. All visual assets provided by me.
This shows the icon I created being used on a mac.
Citrix Receiver for iPhone - I worked with the CR team to conceptualize and create a unique set of icons for the iPhone interface. These were the final icons used in one of the builds.
iPhone iPad Mac
Freelance, Full-time
Thomas Thorslund
UX Visual Designer San Jose, CA