REMORA a minimalist paper wallet

The "REMORA" is fold out of a single piece of waterproof coating paper.
Because of this it is extremely thin.

It will fit if it's in your front pocket with iPhone and is more thin than many normal sized wallets.
A rubber strap is secured to the wallet and it's securely holds its contents in place.
This wallet is ideal for credit, business, and id cards.
You may even be able to fit a few dollar bills in there.
The Wallet can fit up to 3 credit or I.D. cards and even more business cards.

Our paper wallets are made in the JAPAN!

Money pocket holds US, Canadian, Euro and Pounds,YEN*S
Measures 3.93in x 2.46in (100mm x 62.5mm) when closed
and 3.93in x 4.92in (100mm x 125mm) when open

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Tai Hayakawa
Furniture Designer Tokyo, Japan