Logo - Designer: Taylor Snyder A new modular logo system for Czech Republic's board of tourism. Each of the five icons can be pulled apart and used for each respective area of tourism. The background element used to reference their large collection of baroque and rococo artwork. The color scheme used to reference the youth and rapidly growing economy of the country.
Logo- Modular Pieces - Designer- Taylor Snyder Modular Pieces Representing (in order) Chateauxs & Castles Spas & Natural Springs National Parks Art & Cultural Museums Historical Landmarks
Designer & Copywriter: Taylor Snyder Utilizing the modularity of the logo in a direct mail piece to showcase it's versatility and visual appeal.
Booklet- Close Up Spread - Designer & Copywriter: Taylor Snyder A close up view of one of the spreads from the branded booklet.
Identity- Czech Republic Tourism
Taylor Snyder
Art Director Minneapolis, MN