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Core Contributor / Product Analyst (2010 - Present)

With Carryology, I have performed interviews with major industry leaders, visited workshops and brands around the globe, reviewed products in detail, attended shows, and much more.

Carryology is currently one of the (if not, the) largest dedicated carry site on the internet.

At Carryology, we’re exploring and finding new and better ways to carry.

Carryology is a blog about bags, wallets, cases, luggage, and all the ways we can carry better. We’re a bunch of carrying enthusiasts that obsess on all things carry; from backpacks and messengers, to wallets, toiletry bags and pocket design.What gets us excited are ideas that can reduce bulk, stop straps cutting into us, or even just reduce that nasty wallet bulge.

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Taylor Welden ...
Creative Director / Product Developer / Project Manager Austin, TX