Emmjay Graffiti sketch
Animaniacs x Wu-Tang illustration
Boondocks x Dragon Yin Yang illustration
Go Crazy Graffiti sketch
Custom Comedy/Tragedy Persona Illustration
Ambigram Design: Michael Johnson
Woman wearing a lion's head sketch
Tattoo Design: Gotta Play Your Cards Right
E-40 Negative Space Illustration
Batman Illustration
2 Face Illustration
Street Fighter: Ryu and Akuma Illustration
Cards and Dice Illustration
Eazy-E Negative Space Illustration
Bugs Bunny Illustration
Spider Man Illustration
The Joker Illustration
Self Portrait 2009
2pac Negative Space illustration
Random Portrait 2
Tinkerbell Drawing
Tattoo Design, My Inner Me is my Biggest Enemy
Method Man negative space illustration
Illusion Illustration: Woman holding a basket up close, a skull far away.
Praying Hands Illustration
Betty Boop
Tattoo Design: Music is my Therapy (part 2)
I_C_U: Eye Drawing
Random Portrait 3
Tattoo Design: The person wanted a design that included all three of his children's major interests, Track & Field, Music, and Mixed Martial Arts.
Mandala Design
Next Friday quote

Drawings I have created between 2008 to present.
Pencil, Color Pencil, Charcoal, and Ink mediums

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Michael Johnson
The Other MJ Washington, DC