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Clinique 'Happy Summer Spray' - Clinique happy summer spray realisation for Clinique New York.
Camaro Street Racer - 3D modeling & rendering. Creative retouching and Compositing
Thorntons Christmas Pudding Shoe - The Thorntons 'Christmas pudding shoe' was created for an A5 printed insert that went in the Christmas addition of ASOS's fashion magazine.
MontBlanc TimeWalker Automatic Lifestyle - This is the same model as the MontBlanc studio image, but to look like it was photographed sitting on a captains chair on location in let's say Monaco. Modeled and rendered in modo. Lighting was created using a Harbor HDRI in conjunction with one direct light. Unfortunately I had no need to leave the country! Just enjoying the good old British weather!!
Wet Shave - I have no idea where this image came from... it just evolved! I choose an electric shaver to model for a conventional product shot and some how it ended up as this?!* Shavers, water and bubbles modeled in modo. Creative retouching of surface water in CS. Hope to like it?
Highcroft Racing Poster
Stiletto Police - For more images: http://www.behance.net/Gallery/3D-Stiletto-Police-Advertising-Imagery/356753
Future Transportation
Refreshing 3D - !00% 3D. Photography Free!
Whisky Glasses - All modeled and rendered in modo from Luxology. I modeled the glass flat, added all the engraving to one section,cloned it seven times and welded them together. Once I had the basic shape I thickened the glass, bridged the base and welded the top. The liquid was made using flipped poly's from the inside of the glass. The two other glasses are clones to keep the scene less dense.

To create the table cloth effect I used modo's vector displacement sculpting brushes to brush the folds in the cloth.
MontBlanc TimeWalker Automatic White Studio
Lemon Tea - This image was created in modo from Luxology. The cup and saucer was modeled and then textured. I positioned the flowers on the cup and saucer using a UV map. The poly's inside the cup were flipped them welded to make liquid not forgetting the important 'miniscus' edge. I used subsurface amount and scattering distance to achieve the depth of the liquid. The spoon was again modeled and UV'd using a displacement map for the spoons engraving.
3D Nail Colour - All modeled and rendered in modo. I wanted the nail colour to spill into a heart shape with my 3D logo cutout of it! I believe this would be quite hard to achieve with photography. I made the nail colour shader by using two colours and blending them together using a textured layer mask. Hope you like it!
Virtual Product Range - All modeled and rendered in modo. The products and boxes are modeled out of polygons. The boxes are made in the 3D program 'flat'. Using cutter guides as reference templates. I then make the UV! All I have to do next is to fold the box up... just like the real thing! As you can see from the left and right boxes they have all the right folds! The UV allows me the place the package design visuals/artwork straight onto the products with no distortion too the labels.
Chocolate Biscuits
Thorntons Promotional Box - I model everything flat from cutter guides then simply fold boxes up. This ensures a life like feel and look to the packaging. When the boxes are folded the packaging design rapes perfectly onto the boxes with no distortion to the designs. Thank goddness for UV's
Virtual Packaging Concept
Estée Lauder Lipstick - I came up with the idea for this ad after my wife kissed me. She said her lips felt really soft as her new lipstick she was wearing locked in more moisture!! After re-surfacing, It gave me the idea for the image – I envisaged a water splash made from the shape of the lipstick, so I got to work on it straight away. All was modeled and rendered in Modo, decals were added in Photoshop and the copy in Adobe Illustrator. Hope you like it!
Bonaldo Kudo Design Mauro Lipporini
Rocket Salad - Packaging Visualisation project for Tesco Rocket Salad. Modeled and rendered in modo from Luxology.
Chocolate Plaque - All modeled and rendered in modo from Luxology.
Eau de Parfum - I designed and modeled this range of mens grooming products as a self promotional piece. I've incorporated my logo into the model itself – the shape of the perfume top and the spot-UV varnish on the tube. Hope you like it.
MontBlanc TimeWalker Automatic Studio - All polygonal modeling, textured and rendered in modo. Slight colour adjustment in Photoshop. Their are two versions of this same model. This studio set up and a location life style one (which can be seen in my gallery) It is so easy to change environments in 3D! No photographer, no studio, no expensive location costs needed. Just the virtual world of 3D. All though it would be nice to go on location once and a while!!
Stent Graft - Modeled and rendered in modo. Shadow and colour adjustment in Photoshop.
J.A.Bower's Tubs - Virtual product shot all modeled in polygons and rendered in modo.
Cuprinol Tin
Pole Position - This project combined both photography and 3D elements. Both the environment and the cars were modeled, the models of both cars were proxy models. The cars were used in place only to cast shadows on the track and for the wheels in motion. The real photographs of the cars were then composited in Photoshop.
Truccoms Literature - All modeled and made in modo. I designed and artworked the literature then Imported the it into modo for texturing. The virtual range shot was produced for print before the real literature and matching pens were distributed.
AorFix Exhibition Stand Visualisation - These images amongst others were used to help visualise layout and show the client how the panel designs would look on the final exhibition stand.
3D Qombee Van Realization
'LOVE' TC3D - For more images: http://www.behance.net/Gallery/3D-LOVE-New-York-Creative-Retouching/339998
Angel Face - 3D & 2D digital Illustration. Designed and Illustrated for a set of printed Christmas cards.
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Tim Cooper 3D
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  • Awesome stuff. Your renders look so realistic! Would be great to hear some tips on using Modo :)

    4 years ago

  • Amazing work. It's just realistic. Thumbs up!!!

    7 years ago

  • Superb!

    9 years ago

  • excellent model Perfect rendering.

    9 years ago

  • UNBELIEVABLE....this is more real tan reality!

    9 years ago

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