“Zemljo krast” is an old slovenian child game called “Stealing land”
Slovenian New Years Eve...
Functional literacy in Slovenia
Corruption and Slovenia
The President of the Republic of Slovenia. He's know for his good looks, and the importance of his appeal to him. Therefor he is often called “Barbie”.
Pope sacks two more Slovenian archbishops
When the Ministry of health is working for insurance companies
New spirituality / How to create something from nothing
Papal conclave | Where there's smoke, there's hell After pope conclave
Majority voting system A bait for big fish
Corruption in Slovenia quote, author of the original design concept: Jani Bavcer, agency: Studio Marketing Original TV commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mluKmCj_XXw
Political and financial crisis in Slovenia
USA in the grip of forces of continuity USA after 2012 presidential elections
Promotion of Junk Food (the truth is hidden on other side...
Objektiv newspaper illustrations 2

Newspaper illustrations for Dnevnikov Objektiv. Recieved Art Directors Club New York Merit Award (ADC 92, 2013), Adweek 100 talents, ICMA gold award, and Brumen Grand Prix (Slovene Biennial of design) 2013.

Author: Tomato Košir
Art editor: Samo Acko
editor: Miran Lesjak

Tomato Kosir
(*)tomato Ljubljana, Slovenia