Bread And Games...
Excessive spending on the FIFA World Cup 2014,
while millions of Brazilians struggle with poverty.
18th April, 2014
Jail time for our ex prime minister - know as JJ
3rd May, 2014
The best neighbor
a Croatian firm just acquired slovene biggest retailer Mercator,
also know by its slogan “Mercator, the best neighbor”
5th July, 2014
New hope - Slovenia after another early elections
»So, can we now finally go on a vacation?«
19th July, 2014
Price of Slovenian state administration
13th December 2015
Despite all the issues with growing cybercrime, weak passwords are still widespread.
“123456” and “password” are still the most common by far.
3rd February 2015
Charlie Hebdo visual comment
17th January 2015
The way how modern industry works
7th March, 2015
About safety at work and much more worrying stuff
28th March, 2015
RIP Jo Cox

British politician Jo Cox, who supported Britain staying in European Union, died in a street attack on Thursday, a brazen and startling assault in a country where attacks on politicians are extremely rare and the slaying of a lawmaker is without parallel in recent UK history.
#ripJoCox #Brexit
Objektiv newspaper illustrations 3

Newspaper illustrations for Dnevnikov Objektiv. Recieved Art Directors Club New York Merit Award (ADC 92, 2013), Adweek 100 talents, ICMA gold award, and Brumen Grand Prix (Slovene Biennial of design) 2013.

Tomato Kosir
(*)tomato Ljubljana, Slovenia