Quick 3D rendered CAD form for the basic shape of the stand.
Quick 3D rendered CAD form for the stand with wedge.
The 'Female' part of the mould was built in many parts. The main profile of the outside curve is translated into 4 identical pieces of MDF, each cut on a router table. Basic MDF blocks acted as 'spacers' to give width to the mould, and all held in place by 6 lenghts of 10mm dowel. One sheet of 1.5mm Aeroply was fixed down onto the mould frame to create the smooth curve. Toward the base of the mould, the curve becomes far tighter, so here, screws were used instead of nails. All fixings were countersunk to avoid and impressions on the final piece.
Finished 'Female' section of the mould.
A series of MDF blocks form the 'Male' parts of the mould.
The solid sycamore wedge/foot is attached using two 10mm dowel joints with Wood PVA.
Final Prototype, with guitar in hold.
Wooden Guitar Stand

Self-set brief for the final year of my A level studies.
'To design and make a guitar stand which shows off the guitar when in use but also has a place as a piece of furniture.'

Tom Norrington
Freelance Designer. Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom