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Tankard - Designed as part of a larger collection. The Tankard is an existing white tankard, the lid, art work, body color, etc. all Photoshopped
Christian Desk Top Pen holder - Image of Christ from the 1977 series Jesus of Nazareth is used as placement art. Done quickly in Photoshop
Collector coins - Concept for collectible coin idea for a religious bookstore
Inserts for local church
USMC pin collection - Done in Photoshop for advertisement promoting a collector line
Santa Philly Fan 3D - Collectible concept for the NFL. 3D design. The Santa upper torso is the only portion that is an actual sculpt. The rest of the sleigh was constructed in 3D and based on my original design. The accessories in the bag are taken from existing product.
John 3:16 Plate Concept - Preliminary design for religious plate series. Done quickly in Photoshop/Illustrator for a presentation
Christian Themed Suncatchers - Suncatcher concept done in Photoshop
Christian Themed Necklaces - Photoshopped necklaces
Elvis Presley Pinsets - Illustrator/Photoshop pinset design for advertisement
Christian Themed Book Ends - Christian theme book end designs done in Photoshop
Coca Cola Blimp - Seasonal promotional item for Coca Cola based on an initial design. The product was then directed to completion with overseas vendors.
Elvis Presley Game set - I believe this made it to market a few years ago
Retail Halloween Collection - Candle collection and 2 table top items. Made it to market in 2006. This was part of a series of seasonal items I provided the initial direction on then directed the rest of the product with the overseas manufactuers.
Jordan collectible figure - old old concept I thought I'd throw up for fun. 12 inch Jordan collectible figure
USMC Patch collection - Patches detailing significant battles in USMC history. The final product was then directed with overseas manufacturers.
Sammy Sosa Tankard design - Production layout for Sammy Sosa Tankard with place holder art. This is provided to the manufacturer for final product execution.
Santa Football Fan - Unpainted sculpt for Santa music box taken from an initial sketch I did. I directed the sculpting and final product with the overseas sculptors and manufacturer.
Steelers ornament collection - 3D creation of NFL ornaments for an advertisement. Done in 3d software, then rendered in Photoshop. Made it to market in 2003. The product line was based on an original concept that was handed to the factory and was directed until final product execution.
Retail Santa collection - With an emphasis on bright colors, and patterns this line made it to market in 2006. This was part of a series for a major US retailer that I directed.
Girls Beauty line - This product line made it to market in 2010. I designed the initial look and directed the rest of the product development with the overseas manufacurers.
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Inspirational Collectible and Retail

A collection of religious, collectible, and seasonal items that I have designed over the years

Benjamin Torres
Industrial/entertainment design/illustration Chicago, IL